•PRIZE 500 EUROS• In this current situation, a time of economic uncertainty for many artists, we would like to do our part and invite one artist to collaborate with us on a very exciting project, giving them the opportunity to have their work featured in print. We are looking for someone to help us by creating an artwork that we will feature on a range of products that Descoverartists will be releasing for the year 2020. Alongside this, the selected artist will also receive 500 Euros and have the chance to be interviewed and featured in our upcoming zine. We hope that way, we can help to offset some of the losses artists are facing due to recent project postponements and other cancellations. Artwork by: @abigbluealpha


'First Snow', from 'Unternächte' (work in progress), taken in January earlier this year. (Swipe for details). . Thank you to Elfi, my mom, and @boredoomandstuff for helping me to set this up! . Around Easter, my mom and I would decorate the bushes and trees around the house with painted eggs. What better day than Good Friday could there be to share this work with you? Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend. . 'Unternächte' is a project dealing with the time between the years home in Bavaria, with lore, rituals, childhood memories and family history. I will go home and keep working on this project every winter. More to come. . #elenahelfrecht #unternchte #rauhnchte #fineartphotographer #fineartphotography #beautifulbavaria #bavaria #perchta #phroom #instakwer #archivecollectivemag #rauhnacht #phroommagazine #wildhunt #wodan #erlknig #tradition #rauhnacht #wildejagd #twelvthnight #newyear #zwlfe #fichtelgebirge #steinwald #oberpfalz #bayern



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